Automatic Warning System. Device used in locomotives of the British Railways network in the early 1950s. Worked by permanent and electromagnets, it sounds a bell in the cab if the signal is green (or semaphore distant signal clear) and a horn if the signal is double yellow, single yellow, or red (or semaphore distant signal at caution).

When the horn sounds, the driver has about 3 seconds to press the cancelling button or the brakes will apply.

Newer versions of the system are now in operation (ATP and TPWS) but the principle is much the same and helps to prevent a SPAD. (Signal passed at danger).
This line had AWS equipment fitted 48 years ago and it is still in use today.
by Kev in Hants September 05, 2007
Top Definition
Short for awesome. Carries a much greater connotation than awesome. When used in a written sentence, the entire sentence must be typed in all capitals with an exclamation mark at the end. When spoken, the sentence must be spoken with loudness and forcefulness. When using the word, it is perfectly acceptable to place the f-word in front of it.
by The Boss Doesn't Lose The Game April 02, 2010
As We Speak, developed by me during an Im conversation
I'm downloading it aws.
by Leetcard2 November 02, 2004
AWS stands for 'As We Speak'.
I am getting it aws.
Aws, millions of people are suffering in Africa.
by Leo J February 09, 2008
aws is an ancient Arabic name which means "the wolf"
A:hey aws what's up?
aws:nothin much bro.
by babylon84 May 07, 2009
Its short for awesome, but it means pretty. You can also say too aws together and make it=twas.
Omg, that girl over there is so AWS!
by heeeeecwal May 02, 2009
Angry Wife Syndrome - The common habit that all married women develop. A tactic used by wives for centuries to intimidate their husbands into getting their way. Also used to deny husbands of any fun.
Man! Poor K-Taur couldn't come out drinking cuz he was afraid of a ration of AWS.
by Mr. Creosote January 28, 2005
~often used in a guy code context in order to ascertain just how mad the other dudes girlfriend/wife has become. Angry Woman Situation. It can be simply answered with a single number in a pinch.

Rod- "AWS?"
Dave- "8, stay away for a month."
Rod- "Roger that"
Rod- "AWS?"
Dave- "8, stay away for a month."
Rod- "Roger that"
by HotROD June 08, 2014
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