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When someone is beyond cool. The word awesome was invented by a girl named Cate, because she was way too cool for the word cool. So she decided to make the word awesome
"Im too cool for the cool group. I'm going to the awesome group."
by A very nice someone December 29, 2011
0 5
anything flammable or explosive
im gonna burn and blow up some awesome stuff tonight dude.
by geesmith July 11, 2011
1 6
mikail is awesome
by NWO.deatheater November 23, 2010
5 10
the act or process of being sweeter than previously thought imaginable.
"Mike Prosser is so awesome i don't even think i can believe it"
by nsfallen May 08, 2010
3 8
Awesome is a word that originally meant powerful, but is now used as slang for 'cool'.
Kayla and Boaz are the most awesome hotties in our group of friends, although they cannot whistle.
by HeyimKay May 04, 2010
5 10
A word that white people/ white-washed people use a lot to describe something cool.
"Tony Hawk is totally awesome!!"

"Damn, you sound so white"

"I know..."
by gweothowrhov April 28, 2010
4 9
The most over used word in America.
Iamst U. Pid- OH MAH GAWD!! That movie was awesome! Did you see that awesome kick! It was pure AWESOME!
Thi S. Isaname- ... Can you use another frickin' word, dyslexiac?
by Teh Neighbourhood Hobo April 25, 2010
1 6