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AUFK is a mnemonic for "Are You Fucking Kidding!"

A = Are, Y = You, F = Fucking, K = Kidding

This phrase is used to express great surprise or excitement.

If used in front of your Mom it carries an X rating.

To be used only with trusted friends.
DropDeadDimsel..."OMFG! I can not believe what just happened!"


DropDeadDismel..."I will bust my brother's knee-caps if he doesn't bring back my GTA-IV."

LoRdSwOrD..."AUFK! "
by James Kelly Williamson May 21, 2008
are you fucking kidding
BOIIII aufk did you really just suck a banana and put it on pornhub?
by Urine Trouble BITCH June 08, 2016
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