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2 definitions by zerotm

killzowned: to be dominated, humiliated, or proven wrong in relation to Killzone 2.

A mix of owned and Killzone 2.

This urban word spread on gaming forums from the revealing of Killzone 2 at E3 2007, which despite many doubts and bashing, still received positive feedback. The word then became used by some fans to go against those that claimed the game will be a complete failure or went on to use it after a Helghast or other soldier got popped in the head, or humiliatingly killed.
"The Killzone 2 haters got killzowned." -post E3 07 comments.

(Helghast soldier gets annihilated.) "Killzowned."
by zerotm August 05, 2007
265 55
In freestyle soccer, atw is short for "around the world."

When juggling the ball, the foot goes around the ball before kicking it up again.
"Holy shit Bob, since when did you learn to do atw?!"
by zerotm January 27, 2009
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