An all terrian vehcile also known as a fourwheeler. For u stupid tree hugging hippies, if you live in the state of Maine, which one of you do, you would know that Baladachi passed the gay law saying that you have to get the Landowners permisson before going on the land. Also stop being sterotypical. I happen to be a female and I'm not a redneck.
I own an ATV and ran myself over with it.
by Number 36 October 28, 2007
A four wheeled vehicle ridden by bullies who think they have the right to ride wherever they want, trespass, and assault anyone and anything that gets in their way. Used by assholes to destroy private property, private roads, and the environment. Supported by most states because they make money off of registration and of course, the states don't really care about protecting the environment, but they will take your money for "conservation" so they can give more grants to ATV clubs to build more trails.
The wardens refuse to enforce the ATV laws to protect landowners from trespassing ATVs.
by Lacey Sloan September 13, 2007
A TV is an electronic people use to par up with their free time; waste away their lives.
Hey, you, can I get ATV?
by 1928 February 12, 2005
Among the most ecologically destructive devices ever invented. They bring ruin to natural areas, destroying thousands of native plant and animal species, tear up cropland (in case you don't remember that's what keeps us from starving to death) and otherwise cause severe amounts of soil erosion (which in turn degrades the water quality and aquatic habitat). For these reasons they are especially attractive to rednecks and other irresponsable people.
Tax dollars are wasted repairing the damage caused by ATVs.
There have been cases of arguments where ATV riders have actually killed farmers & property owners.
ATVs will probably destroy our country, not that the evangelicals care. They don't think our planet will be around in another 20 years anyway.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 April 24, 2007
A common abbeviation for "all terrain, vehicle."
A 4 wheeled vehicle, typically used by ignorant rednecks, to ride across all sorts of land, both private and public. Their passtime tends to cause soil erosion as they more or less destroy everything in their path. And while what is left of our remaining arable land continues to get paved over for patio homes, strip malls, office campuses, freeways arterials and other highways (see roads), and other assorted suburban sprawl, the ATV riders are continually at odds with farmers, environmentalists, consevationists pagans and others who actually have a respect for the land.
Oh f*ck! That ATV driver just flattened all the produce in our organic community garden, now we are screwed.
by Miskatonic Jack October 02, 2005
A 4-Wheeled Off-road vehicle. Stupid if your not using it for utility purposes. They wreck true MOTORCYCLE tracks and cannot turn worth of crap. People with less experience tend to use ATV's because they cannot operate a bike and need training wheels to get them around in the dirt.
"Yo dude, i love my atv, its so easy!"
"Dude, people with skill stay on two wheels bro. stop wrecking tracks and go away."
by 250cc love. August 08, 2005
also known as a 4 wheeler. a useless bohemoth that does nothing for me but gets in my way. something that needs to be banned. made for people that dont have the balls to ride a dirtbike. 4 wheelers are fucking gay.
my dads atv is a piece of shit and it takes up space in the garage that i could use to park my dirtbike in.
by will "by god" covil February 12, 2006

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