Acronym for "All Talk, No Action"
"Yeah, so we're dancing and she tells me how horny she is, but the ATNA bitch goes home with her girlfriends."
by SumYungGuy December 25, 2005
Top Definition
acronym for "all talk no action". a word to use when someone flirts with you, but you don't get any action out of it. can also be used as a nice nickname.
M: How are things going with ATNA?
A: Oh, don't even get me started.
by anonymous012345 January 21, 2009
the opposite of other words his evil brother evil laugh
SANTA: Hohoho Merry Xmas
ATNAS: I'll ruin Xmas forever
by bored kid July 10, 2008
All Talk No Actions
He is an ATNA when it comes asking chicks out for date.
by Uncle Sam April 23, 2004

A person that is FULL OF SHIT!
A ATNA would tell you this type of story,Im going to make so much money and get all these chicks tonight! That night there broke at home tugging one out.
by mastermatch October 02, 2007
An ATNA is a person who is "All Talk No Action."
Donald Trump might be an "ATNA" because he is hinting at running for President in 2012. Yet, according to the New York City Election Board he has not voted for many years.
by Whistle Berries April 23, 2011
All tits no ass
Dude, that chick was ATNA but she sure could SD.
by p2523dbacoood December 11, 2012
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