A place that is famous for its airports and donuts(Krispy Kreme)Also, thats where all the best rappers come from.
Lauren(local atl inhavitent) Damn it feels good to be a gangster! I love donuts!
by Caris July 17, 2006
Top Definition
Atlanta, Georgia
I'm from that ATL, Shawty
by Calvin Parsons October 01, 2002
An abbreviation of the city Atlanta, located in the state of Georgia. Atlanta is well-known for being the birth city of many song artists, mainly rappers (Nivea, Lil' John, Usher, The Ying Yang Twins, etc.). The abbreviated word is often shouted out by artists who hail from the Georgia area.
Usher: "Peace up, A-town down"

Lil John: "Yeahhh!!! ATL for real!"

Ying Yang Twins: "ATL, no disrespecee..."
by big dogg June 13, 2004
Abbreviation of Atlanta.
Mostly used by OutKast and other hometown MC's
"ATL, Georgia"
"ATLiens-style on yo' azz!
by Theory (Dutch MC) October 10, 2003
Abbreviation for Atlanta
T.I- All through the ATL come and Ride with a G
by STRaiGT G July 07, 2006
Birthplace of the late, great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
ATL is where Gladys Knight took the Midnight Train,
The birthplace of Martin Luther King.
by Daniel C. April 02, 2006
Probably the only city that doesnt have to be huge to be amazing. I've lived here since i was two.
Everybody here is warm and friendly. Its probably the friendliest places to live in the south. And believe me when i say that most rappers on MTV or BET is most likely from ATL. Downtown Atlanta is great. I wouldnt walk around alone, though. It's probably best to bring someone with you when youre strolling around downtown. The traffic isnt too bad, you'll live. And the lifestyle is affordable whereas to other places like Los Angeles, you'd probably have to be a plastic surgeon to survive.
Lots of bums in downtown Atlanta. Big concerts are thrown every now and then. Youve got Little Five Points for those goths and skaters. Its hot as hell in the summer time and when winter comes, its gets really realy chilly but it hasnt snowed since five years ago. You'll see some famous rappers if youre in the right place. Some rappers could be seen at like, Lenox Mall every once in a while. The school's here are okay. The best place to come down here is in the Summer where everything happens.
its easy to get to one place to another. if you live in the suburbs and wanna get downtown, it'll take you 30 minutes if you take Marta, which is our train. And and hour by car to get downtown if youre from the suburbs.

*****If you talk to anyone downtown, you will not understand them due to their heavy ghetto southern accent. see below.
yuh, im frum da A, so im leanin' ehn rockin

girl: guh' i cayn't daynce, i got mah high heeeelz on.
typical atl girl: den take dem awf deeeeen. oooh girl, when i be at duh skatin rink, i be taken awf mah shoooz, mah earrangs, mah raaaangs, oooh i be taken awf ERRTHANG tuh buss a mooove. Dooh ya thang, now walk it aaaaaaau. dont hate.
by charlie's angel. December 01, 2006
Abbreviation for Atlanta, Georgia. Usually referred to by rappers. Home of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the Varsity Restruant. Best city in the South besides Columbia, South Carolina.
We Repin' the A.T.L. playa.
by David Havird March 23, 2005

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