AT&T is an acronym for alt tab and tuck. AT&T is similar to the regular alt tab, where someone alt tabs to a page they were previously viewing; typically porn. However an AT&T is when someone jerkin it while watching porn alt tabs and tucks their dick to avoid getting caught masturbating when a roommate or someone walks in during the act.
I walked in and he did the old AT&T maneuver.
by SpickNick December 05, 2007
Acronym for All That and Then (some).

As the term suggests, all that taken to the HNL.
He SWEAR he AT&T; knowin full well those are swap meet rims
by golden scarecrow June 01, 2009
The home of the carrier that first serviced to people who owned iPhones!

Once a nobody company until they took over Cingular. Now known to be one of the best nationwide services, both landline and mobile, competing with the best position with Verizon Wireless

My mother has a Motorola RAZR
My father also has a Moto RAZR
I have a Motorola SLVR L7

We all have a family plan!

Oh, and my friend has an Apple iPhone!

Did I mention my friend has an iPhone!? (iPhone BE-OTCH!!!) Just about a hundred something dollars for a single freakin plan that kicks Verizon in the ass!

Only with AT&T (Formerly Cingular)!
by Sukey September 30, 2007

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