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All Purpose Nigger: A reference to a person who is tasked with performing many types of (often menial) duties at the request of others. The APN, despite the use of the term "nigger" does not have to be black. APN would be similar to "jack of all trades" except in a more derogatory sense.
Call the APN and have him run that cable through the ceiling tiles.

Yes, yes... I'll pick-up the dog shit right away 'cuz I'm such a good APN.
by MixMaster February 08, 2005
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A.P.N. (All Purpose Nigga) A african-american who can multi-task and still be hood.
Damn shawty, you see J-Wheezy over there painting that fence and playing Xbox? I sure do, that Nigga's an A.P.N.
by DaisyDuke5455 February 14, 2010

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