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APAH - Alien Posing As Human
"Hey, look at that apah over there"

"I candidly took a picture of an apah today"
by CalebyCaleb December 06, 2011
Used in a passionate agreement of something, another way of saying "fersure" or "hell yea" by college students.
Possibly derived from a middle east term, with a similar pronunciation

(pronounced Ap-ahhh)
*used with a lot of emphasis
Michelle: "Hey want to go down to main street and shop for a bit after class?"

Abby: "A-Pah to that!"
by Frogger202 November 25, 2009
AP Art History.

Another one of those Advanced Placement High School classes mostly inhabited by sophomores who are too smart for their own good.
omg! i'm gonna fail my apah test!
by cantwin April 14, 2005

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