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AOW (All Out War) is a dwindling Proboard forum which displays the prime examples of failed role playing. It is a free form 'chat play' at best, being mostly composed of auto hitting, god modding, poor moderation, power playing, trolling, flaming, vulgarity and incessant bitching.
Opinions of AOW as a role play forum:

"Condemned to suffer? I'm suffering alright, suffering from emotional preteens blogging out of their asses."
"Wow. Just wow."
"What the hell is this crap?"
"Good god. Let me guess: it's another star wars plot ripoff."
"Nothing like watching kids play King of the Hill with a shit pile."
"I see no worthwhile role plays here. I see nothing, for that matter."
by Leddersledd66 April 20, 2009
Whoo hoo. Often used by drunken female party-goers who are looking to express their approval of something.
Look at that hot bwoy ova there! Aow!
by Ottawa flower picker July 29, 2003
All Out War. A place on many websites were friends and strangers go to chat, fight, and role play.
Fighting on AOW:

1st person: *grabs ....'s wrist and yanks him into me* *brings fist into his nose breaking it*

2nd person: *catches ....'s wrist and twists it snapping it* *slams heel into ...'s knee shattering it*
by Dark Raven___ntk___ November 26, 2006
All Out War. It originated on Neopets on the Evil Things And Monster Sightings, and has a proboards site as well. When WPP (Wolf Paws Pack), Blood Bars, and all other clans ended, AOW continued to hold strong. It's main purpose is roleplaying, although it is also a place for chatting, showing off artwork, and just hanging out with the people AOWers meet (or not) online.
"Hey Silver, can you create the new AOW board?"

"All Out War owns WPP's face."
by Slaer Akuyume, Proud AOWer August 23, 2006
All Out War. It seems plain and simple but it actually.....ok it is simple. It originated on the website when some roleplayer wanted to have a roleplay and just fight his damn ass off but nobody in the roleplay forums joined. The next day he went to the Evil things and monster sightings forums and posted it and it turned out to be a huge hit there instead.

Nobody remembers who created it or when it was made though, it's just always been there, like herpes. It probably isn't going on today still but if you find it is then join it, it's really cool. You can fight somebody, watch a fight, intervene in a fight, practice throwing virtual knives, that kinda thing, or just hang out or lurk.
dude: hey man, wanna roleplay?
man: no thanks dude, i'm meeting slayer on AOW.
by Terror Night April 15, 2010
Used as an abbreviation on boards and forums (mainly on neopets) meaning All Out War
C'mOn PpLz ChAt On My AoW bOaRd!!!!11!!!
by Rox May 06, 2005
An acknowledgment, of a statement or question in and ambivilance way, in other words, not giving a fuck and or too much effort to fornulate a response
"I told reesebert to go to wise eyes to get a nice pair of bonoculars and he replied, "aow"


"Bruce churted all day and I said aow.
by chynochurty January 15, 2010
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