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1 definition by ASSTBG

An acronym for All Out War, which began in Neopets and transferred to the Proboards.
Nowadays, however, it seems that there are not many who choose to take action.
The once bright days of role-playing and fighting have been replaced by a dark cloud covering of pointless arguments, people who fight unreasonably, and those who do not wish to accept the truth about what has occurred Those that do are shunned by the rest.
"I have a complaint.
All this 'My friend just died' stuff is getting to me."

"BAHAHA!!! My god... when I'm ranting- I'm ranting about the state of AOW, you best believe that we are going down the drain. Actually no, that metaphor isn't useful at this point. We went down the drain. We passed it up, and are now floating in the sewers with all the other collective crap that's ended up down there."

"Should AoW fall from being such a corrupt and moronic place now? A place that has officially gone down?

Hell i am for it."
by ASSTBG December 28, 2008