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Internet slang contraction for "All of them, Katie," a play on the phrase eventually spoken by then-Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, after a very long pause, in answer to a question posed by then-CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric regarding what newspapers and magazines Palin had read before being named as the 2008 GOP Vice Presidential nominee.

Can also be used with a comma: AOT,K.

The contraction is been used in a number of ways, but most specifically:

1. To convey a vacuousness, or general lack of thought or intelligence
2. As an all-inclusive, or "all of the above," especially to questions of ignorance, arrogance or blind faith
Q: Why in the world would you think that was possible? A: AOTK.

Q: What is this guy? A cretin, a moron, a dimwit or an idiot? A: AOTK.
by mast contusion July 25, 2013

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