A.O.B is the opposite definition of M.O.B. It's enough that us ladies stick by dick, its time for us to stick up for us. A.O.B. Anything Over Boys, is what's good.
"Eyy baby,"
"you talkin to me boy? F!ck you, A.O.B. is where I'm at. Peace"
by K.Starr August 14, 2011
Top Definition
British acronym standing for Arrogant Obnoxious Bastard. Associated with the term Any Other Business, it refers to the people who tend to raise things when this item is reached on the agenda. They are usually in love with the sound of their own voice, won't take direction from the Chair and have a total disregard for the commitments of the other people at the meeting. Their pet subject is usually minor and could be put on the agenda of the next meeting, yet despite its unimportance they continue to drone on about it at interminable length leaving the other members of the meeting contemplating the validity of justifiable homicide.
"Malcolm's droning on about de-humidifiers again."
"That AOB! If he lost half his body mass his fat ass wouldn't sweat so much!"
by AKACroatalin April 06, 2015
1all on a bitch-living off a female.

2.getting a female to give a male all her money until she is 'broken' or out of money
damn Jerod went AOB on his girlfriend, yea i heard he broke that bitch. she bought him a car, paid his rent...
by Jerod Jones October 04, 2005
This is usually used as an abbreviation for Any Other Business
Just before the end of a meeting, the meeting organizer can ask from the attendees AOB? to mean "Is there Any Other Business" we should discuss about.
by Kavinda October 10, 2004
All Out Bombing. A graffiti crew from Los Angeles that was formed in the late 80s and which later became a gang (Avenue Oxford Boys) in the early 90s. Known to be ultra-violent and to be comprised of a multi-ethnic makeup...which is rare for a street gang in Los Angeles, in which most gangs are divided along racial lines. AOB had a pretty even mix of Asians, Blacks, Hispanics and Whites.
Don't fuck with AOB, those motherfuckers don't play.

See that carload of Black, asian and hispanic dudes with the whiteboy sitting shotgun? Those fuckers are most likely from AOB, let's get the hell out of here before they jack us or someshit.
by LA all day September 19, 2011
"all on a bitch"

Huge all black gang in Sacramento, CA.
"It seems like a lot of gangs have three letter abbreviations."
"Yeah, that's about right."
"Like AOB."
"Yeah, like AOB."
"Alright then."
by TuanTuan November 03, 2005
A Los Angeles Street Krew from the Mid 90's
Consisting of alot of muther fuckers you didnt want to fuck with.
Strapt with Pipe Bombs, Grenades, Guns Rifles and Spray Cans you know as soon as you stepped foot in L.A You were Serching for a Toker a Shady Mother Fucker would Drain you of your wallet jelews or anything they wanted including your life and leave you Runnering out of L.A faster than you can say bang.
All Out Bombing is here Run mother fucker Run!

Were you from???? ...................A.O.B .............................. oh shit heres my wallet girlfriend and everything else you want please let me go.

bombing tagging aob fox undercover graffiti scribemagnum 44mean streakkrylonworkmens outletallpipe bombsweapons
by That motherfucker warned me! April 22, 2011
Alcohol on Board. A term used by medical professionals to tell other personnel that someone is drunk without actually using the word "drunk"
The guy crashed his car and was very AOB. (drunk)
by emtjr October 29, 2008
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