Alcohol on Board. A term used by medical professionals to tell other personnel that someone is drunk without actually using the word "drunk"
The guy crashed his car and was very AOB. (drunk)
by emtjr October 29, 2008
usualy means a crew that just hang round doing nothin but yobbish things, always smoking and fucking them selfs up
" yo man, have you seen those aobs over there "
" yeh man what do they think they look like "
by Page Turna July 07, 2009
hair; usually used in a sarcastic way to make fun of someone's hair.
"Good aob."
by xtrx January 27, 2010
Army of Blue.......
Sickest gang and peepzzzz around SOuthend town......
Fuck D.R Fuck Becton Fuck anybody we own this!!!!!
Suck all your nannsss bruv.....Don't get it twisted!!!!
We, AOB, slaughtered D.R in Eastwood and would do it again to seeeeee you all bleed....
by AOB.... May 11, 2010
Agenda On Bed. Sex.
" whats happnin tonite?"
" tonight i got an AOB with my gurl..."
by orangecowthehornyness August 29, 2009
army of blue- a southend group in essex england. very hard . no bodys messes with them.
fuck man aob are comin ,, i say we get it over quick , hand me the gun nigga
by lou-lou :D May 20, 2009

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