Stands for "actress, model, whatever." Locally used wherever the entertainment industry is particularly large (esp Los Angeles) as shorthand for how a majority of females are employed.
Los Angeles Male: "So what is it that you do?"
90% of Los Angeles females: "I'm an actress, model. You know, whatever."
by JimSteel November 07, 2004
Top Definition
America's Most Wanted - A show that normally airs every Saturday on FOX. It's hosted by John Walsh. John Walsh's son was originally murdered more than 20 years ago, so John Walsh made a show to fight back.

Right now, 900 fugitives have been captured, thanks to AMW.
It's nice that John Walsh is keeping the world a bit safer with his show, AMW.
by Zicksen August 18, 2006
A.M.W. is an acronym for "Another Man's Wife" Another Mans Wife
Single 1: Oh my ... Dude! Check this chick out. She's like a 9 dude easy.

Single 2: Woah, dang! Wait.
Single 3: No, I already saw her she's AMW.

Single 2: Yea, but if she wasn't...
Single 1: ha ha!

Single 3: Dude that's adultery.
by GoldCoastGirls February 23, 2014
America's Most Wanted - NY Gang
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003

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