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2 definitions by JimSteel

A lie that is told for no conceivable reason. The lie itself is plausible but ultimately unproveable. It disappears as quickly as it is uttered under its own inconsequence.

Derives from the apocryphal tale that author Tom Clancy was unliked as a child and taunted with the nickname "Clancypants."
Origin: "Did you know that as a child they used to call him Clancypants?"
by JimSteel January 07, 2005
Stands for "actress, model, whatever." Locally used wherever the entertainment industry is particularly large (esp Los Angeles) as shorthand for how a majority of females are employed.
Los Angeles Male: "So what is it that you do?"
90% of Los Angeles females: "I'm an actress, model. You know, whatever."
by JimSteel November 07, 2004