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"All My Love"
1.) used on IM's, text messages, etc, when leaving.

2) to describe ones feeling for something, i.e sports, movies, cars, food...
oh, your girlfriend or boyfriend too, i suppose
Peter: "Well, g'night babe."
ALexandra: "AML, Peter"
Peter: "AML, Alex"
by Gym Nasium March 07, 2008
Aji mera LODA. Mainly used in hindi-punjabi spoken region , to

reject somone's opinion.
Deepak : "lets go to attend classes , otherwise we will get detained"
Me: "AML"
by Brijthapar November 03, 2011
All my love.
- used in text and chat speak.
(at the end of a card)

AML, sarah xxx
by sarah June 05, 2004
Aston-Martin Lagonda. The name under which aston became known after taking over lagonda. Shortly after this, Aston actually launched a car called the lagonda, which was quite a monstrosity, but very cool.
AML see aston martin
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 01, 2004
Stands for "A Modern Love story" Are from Chicago, and are a pretty decent band.
1:Hey man! I saw AMLS yesurday!
2: Really how were they?
1: Pretty darn decent.
by riotgrrrl. June 20, 2009
ALRIGHTMANLATER. When typing, used as a goodbye acronym usually expressing displeasure or disgust. A way to say goodbye while letting the other party know you are not happy with their action(s) or decision(s). Written or typed as AML, and alrightmanlater when spoken.
John: Hey, Mike. Do you want to get some lunch?
Mike: Dude I JUST ate
John: Alrightmanlater.

Steve texts Susan: Susan, could you give me a ride
Susan replies: No
Steve replies: aml

Slater: Hey man you want to spark a bowl?
Josh: I don't smoke
Slater: alrightmanLATER
by TheGrandWizard May 10, 2014
AML defined as all my love.
AML may also mean the strongest of loves - a mother's love
All the family were talking at the graveside, after their mother
had been buried. They all agreed she had given them aml
by Criostoir Hulme September 04, 2005
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