am = amateur

mostly used in skateboarding or snowboarding.
He's still an amateur, he's not getting paid yet..
by twentysix December 23, 2003
Kazakh word. Means Pussy.
I'll fuck your am.
by Yani.kaz November 07, 2011
when some one goes into extreme detail about a story that nobody really cares about and never gets to the point.
wow, she is seriously haveing an AM!
by March 07, 2010
AM is short for Air Mattress.

Its the kind of mattress that can either be pumped up by foot, and/or by electric pump.
1. When I took that tunug medicine, the mattress boy tole me to get on the AM.
2. I saw that AM, and it was vibrating.
3. I hate the AM.
4. I do too.
5. I'm going to pump the AM up, and we can get on it.
6. All right, You can do that.
by 1992peter February 14, 2010
AM is short for Anesthetic Machine.
1. Bring the AM in here, and we'll get him sedated.
2. All right.
3. Which airway should I use, the LMA, or the ET tube?
4. The LMA.
5. All right.
by 1992peter March 27, 2010
one who gives a blow job but finishes with their hand.
that girl gave me an AM last night.
by Daniella123456 November 01, 2009
A midget who is scared of the beast. She often meets up with her seal at bus stops to talk and laugh about beastly things.
"Am caused the Beast to erupt"
by thebeastly January 17, 2010

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