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ALW is a short form/abbreviation for August Long Weekend. August Long Weekend occurs in Canada at the beginning of the summer month of August. Typically it falls on the Monday following the first full weekend in August. The monday is a civic holiday and all businesses are usually closed.
Looking forward to ALW!

What are your plans for ALW?
#long weekend #civic holiday #monday off work #holiday monday #4 day weekend
by jl526789 October 22, 2013
Abbreviation of "All The Way"

Jack: "Who do you support man"
Tom: "England alw!"
#yeh man #ftw #course #always #till death
by PixieWoman April 20, 2008
ALW means: "Act Like Working"
I never work, so I don't ALW ;)
#work #job #office #employee #acting
by Kriszo March 10, 2008
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