Closes the active window. Used commonly to scam n00bs.
n00b: how duz i gets out of jails??
Someone: ALT + F4.
n00b has left the game.
Someone else: LOL HE GOT PWN'T
Someone: XD
by Racecar56 March 25, 2009
Top Definition
1. These keys will exit a program instead of using the exit icons.
2. A fun way to get rid of noobs in multiplayer games and chat rooms.
Halo guy 1: "Hey how do you change grenades?"
Halo guy 2: "ALt+F4."
Halo guy 1: diconnected
Halo guy 2: "HAHA stupid noob!"
Halo guy 1: re-enter: "Hey that's not funny dickhead!"
Halo guy 2: "STFU stupid Noob!"
by Punkhead May 25, 2005
Keyboard command to exit out whatever it is you are in.
Press Alt + F4 right now to close out Urban Dictionary.
by flclimax1 February 06, 2008
The generic way of remedying an otherwise impossible situation.
"Alt+F4 sorts you out"
by Dongasaurus May 23, 2006
shortcut key for nearly all Windows Operating Systems to Close the active window or application.
Also used as an insulting tool by the 1337 or l33t people to have a bad/angry gamers, aka noob, to trick them to quit the game.
friend: dude, how do I quit this?
me: hold 'Alt' and press the 'F4' key at the top of the keyboard.

l33t: to fix the lag, hold Alt and press F4
<random noobs log out>
l33t: sweet, less all the time.
by Edward Evil, CEO of Evil INC November 16, 2004
The best way to save any important document
Just try it. Alt + F4
by kohlmanfrack April 20, 2010
Life saver, Used in computer classes to close windows to save you from being caught doing you aren't supposed to
Guy 1: "Psst! the teacher's coming this way!"
Guy 2: "Alt+F4 Alt+F4!!!!!!
by ThePhasePhantom November 22, 2012
Used in online games to 'pwn'/scam 'nobbies' due to the fact that this command closes your current open window.
l337: To duplicate money/items drop them on the ground and press alt+f4

Nub: OK!

(nub leaves game)

l337: haha, j00 got pwnt
by JimE Ray January 24, 2005

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