The word was used originally in starcraft. Although not many know this word, it is there. If one says alt+f4 to another it means get the fuck out. alt+f4 is pressed to instantly exit a program and so it came to be that if one says alt+f4 to someone else, it means they should leave. People will trick n00bs into pressing alt+f4 if they seem to bother one.
1. Ok i think you should alt+f4.
2. Press alt+f4 its a cheat.
by RoarMan March 20, 2006
Top Definition
Keyboard command to exit out whatever it is you are in.
Press Alt + F4 right now to close out Urban Dictionary.
by flclimax1 February 06, 2008
The generic way of remedying an otherwise impossible situation.
"Alt+F4 sorts you out"
by Dongasaurus May 23, 2006
1. These keys will exit a program instead of using the exit icons.
2. A fun way to get rid of noobs in multiplayer games and chat rooms.
Halo guy 1: "Hey how do you change grenades?"
Halo guy 2: "ALt+F4."
Halo guy 1: diconnected
Halo guy 2: "HAHA stupid noob!"
Halo guy 1: re-enter: "Hey that's not funny dickhead!"
Halo guy 2: "STFU stupid Noob!"
by Punkhead May 25, 2005
Life saver, Used in computer classes to close windows to save you from being caught doing you aren't supposed to
Guy 1: "Psst! the teacher's coming this way!"
Guy 2: "Alt+F4 Alt+F4!!!!!!
by ThePhasePhantom November 22, 2012
The mean way to make a newbie quit on windows computers
Newbie: how do i ____?
Dick: Alt+F4
Newbie *quits and is discouraged to play and leaves which slowly makes the community only pros making new people steer away and eventually killing the game as a marketable object*
by Sleepy_Nerd June 12, 2015
An unoriginal old prank that nobody falls for anymore, (except the 10 years olds)
10 Year old has joined the game.
10 Year old: Hey how do you run fast?
xxmLGpro69x: Press and hold ALT + F4
10 Year old has left the game.
by this is really long name February 05, 2016
The best way to save any important document
Just try it. Alt + F4
by kohlmanfrack April 20, 2010
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