acronym for Alternative Learning Center, similar to a detention during class
I was being a rebellious, defiant, idiot in 6th period and got sent to ALC
by the best tickleasser there is November 20, 2008
Top Definition
a shortening of the word "alcohol"
i need more alc, i can't wait till we get to the bar, give me your drink.
by drunkkristin January 28, 2008
Acronym for "ass licking cunt" made in reference to a extremely difficult and hard to please woman.
I went on a date last night and it was horrible she was such an alc.
by Templeton/Ferguson January 04, 2009
An alternative school for the cypress-Fairbanks school district in Houston ,TX ... and stands for Alternative learning center.. kids who are sent there go from stupid things like indecent exposure and tagging to more serious things like assault and possession or narcotics

the uniform at that school is a white collar shirt and khaki pants.. you get searched thoroughly before entering the school then have to walk through metal detectors.. the school is not so strict or bad at all most kids sent there are friendly potheads who just want to be your friend.

yo man i heard u got caught with weed!

yea dude it sucks, i gotta go to ALC for 6 weeks..
by lkajgd;la September 04, 2008
American League Championship Series. The series which decides the best team in baseball. The winner of the series then goes on to the World Series, a series of late-season exhibition games against a team from the National League.
The Red Sox won the ALCS. Their work finished, they went on to pummel the Cardinals before retiring for the season.
by zabazuve-ha October 13, 2007
Acronym for "a little chuckle" as opposed to the over used lol, when something said is humorous but does not make you laugh out loud.
Matt: "Did you see the tweet of Anthony Weiner's weiner?"
Kim: "ALC. Yeah, what a freak..."
by Matterson83 June 21, 2011
A rockin' punk band formed in Autumn 2004 by Sam Jones and Danny Evans.
ALC are fuckin' amazing!
Let's get pissed with ALC!
by Maelstrom September 24, 2004
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