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1) Acronym for AOL Instant Messanger.


A basic and easy to use IM That Most people online seem to have. Given out to all AOL customers, who, due to the large number of them, encourage everyone else to get it. astalavista has about 50 hacktools for this piece of shit on their own website, not including what you may find elsewhere. It's simple shit for simple people (Your generic AOL customer is a simple person), that has dire file transfer, abismal warnings that take about a minute to get to the max 35% (unless you got a hack), and a rather annoying tendancy to say every name you try and get at www.aim.com is already taken, and will always suggest you pollute your uber name with numbers, or cut out some vowels.

2) To point a projectile weapon at a certain object, with the point of hitting it

3) A goal.
1) Aim is retarded, but everyone else has it so I got it.

2) Take aim.... FIRE!!!

3) Your aim this academic year ought to be straight B's, but based on last year, we expect a few A's.
by Gumba Gumba February 28, 2004
20 9
n. - An Internet text messaging program that exchanges communications between users in real time, and allows college students to leave nifty online "away" messages for their buddies all day.

v. - to AIM someone is to send them a message using the AIM program.

I used AIM to ask Sheila out on a date.

Sheila AIMed me back to tell me no.
by b-diddy July 15, 2003
1242 211
A device people use to put up an away message 24/7, thus ruining the prospect of having a freaking instant messenger in the first place.
AOL is NOT the best messenger service out there, I only use it because all of my friends are AOL handicapped.
by Not Zane September 05, 2004
615 192
crapy instant message client used by teenage boys to talk to girls because they are afraid to talk to girls in person
clashrocker123456:hey michelle wanna go out sum time
princess1234234235:no grow up and ask me in person

by st. jimmy March 30, 2005
590 221
A great way to meet fatass pedophiles over the internet. In other words, a good way to get a dick in your ass.
Say, do you remember that chick Joy? Yeah, I met her on AIM. We met at the park, and, wow, she had a penis? I GOT RAPED BY A GODDAM WOMAN WITH A PENIS?!
by Greg September 29, 2004
630 310
The newest way to hate your friends since actual communication. Also, the best way to hide your actual identity.
Beeblebrox1337: Dude, you are lame.
Deathapefornicator: I know.
by Bean April 10, 2005
301 97
An acronym for Aol Instant messanger (Aol itself is an acronym for American online). A program used to chat with people online, it itself was a good idea, however people lately bombard it with acronyms and abbreviations therefore it basically takes longer to read and understand the converastion than it does to write and send a letter.
Instant messanger:Lol lmfao
Me: ...
by Adeadlyliquid September 27, 2004
248 104
The program that is taking over today's youth and the reason we have such a problem with obesity in this country. Instead of going out and riding bike or playing back yard football young kids spend hours on end talking on AIM to their friends or getting sexually abused in chat-rooms while they eat junk food and become fat. High school age kids sit on this all night to gossip and spread even more rumors around their school, and college kids now sit on this all day/night or have AIM on their cell phone, instead of partying or going to class because they think it makes them hood rich. This one program has handicapped our society as a whole, even some parents go on this to find out information on their children and it’s a godsend for child molesters now a days. With every newer version of AIM, the interface is even worse and the program becomes even faultier.
Kid 1: Yo, I met a hot MILF on AIM last night dude!
Kid 2: Yea...I bet she is a fat piece of shit and lives in a trailer
Kid 1: No I saw a pic of her, in a swimsuit
Kid 2: Wow, I feel bad for you, you really need to get a life and find something else to do besides sit in chat-rooms on AIM
by SFdickie49 February 10, 2005
370 268