Stands for AOL Instant Messenger.
Also means how good you are in FPS games - like in CS and for aimbot (also in FPS games)
- You got aim? (as in AOL Messenger)

- Dude, my aim is bad today :( (as skill in shooting games)

- Cheater! I saw you using aim! (as in "aimbot")
by Alex572crack February 27, 2008
An Instant messenger and only good thing ever created by America Online. It has nice, easy to configure preferences and Supports certificate encryption.
It also has a nice file transfer resume option in case your connection drops you can resume from where the file was last at. Yahoo always seems to drop file transfers over a certain size and MSN will not transfer anything over 100Mb in Size.

Most people complain about programs they do not know how to use. well duh!!! its easier to complain and badmouth something then to try it. Its like those people who say thier internet connection sucks because it is running slower, and they blame the isp just to find out that they have a shitload of spyware taking over thier internet explorer.

Nowhere in this Aim thread has anyone truly posted any bugs supporting thier claim. Little advice: Learn to use a computer and all its apps.
If you don't know anything about it then don't preach it.
Aim is also free only because of thier ads.
by Shrader September 14, 2006
1. An online community where you can talk with many people around the world.
2. A program used to lure people into traps.
Get on aim so I can cyber!
by Steph. August 12, 2003
AOL Instant Messenger. It's really not all that hot, but a lot of people use it... they have sort of a monopoly.
His sister writes her essays as though she's talking on AIM.
by Aimster October 08, 2001
A program used for IMing friends.
You can...
>Keep in contact
>Choose buddy icons
>Create a buddy profile with buddy info
>Randomly IM people
>Lie about whatever you want
...and a lot more

Just try it out. Make a screename.
I'm going to have so much fun with my new AIM.
by fallingXstar July 21, 2008
1.) AOL Instant Messenger
Just another system for Instant messaging, run by AOL. I use it, and it works okay. AIM is just the acronym for the full word, same as YIM, for Yahoo Instant Messenger.
Sally: AIM me tonight.
Jill: What? I only have AOL instant messenger..
Sally: Thats's what I mean, AIM stands for AOL Instant messenger!
Jill: Ok, talk to you tonight.
by Fishie_gurl July 17, 2008
Another good excuse for not asking someone out in person.
Bill: I heard you asked Anna out...over AIM.
David: Well, um...she was online so I justed decided I should get it over with.
Bill: Wow, you're really dumb. Oh, and by the way, I heard she rejected you.
by Eduardo Santiago April 18, 2008
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