Asian I'd like to fuck
Dude 1: Hey did you see those ailfs in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift?
Dude 2: Yes I jacked off in the theater to those ailfs. Damn I gotta get me some of that good stuff, yo.
by DickB November 05, 2006
Top Definition
Ant-eater I'd like to fuck.
Hey Karl, check out the long proboscis on that insect lovin' mammal. A prime example of an AILF!
by Roger McTodger November 15, 2004
aunt i'd like to fuck
look at that ailf over their
by brandon schwartz February 21, 2006
Alien I'd like to fuck
Oh my gosh, I was watching E.T last night, he's so hot, what an AILF!!!
by AILF LOVER! September 28, 2010
ass id like to fuck comes from the word milf
wow shes got a "AILF"
by Josh February 11, 2005
Ass i'd like to fist
walking into common room Salute: Fist beating heart

your a bit AILF

A word used by the new wave of sixth formers
by bob dylan May 06, 2005
Acronym for "Alien I'd Like to Fuck".
A crucial staple of Science Fiction, rendering it watchable.
Pronounced "alf", but not to be confused with the puppet from the 1980s TV show, who is not an example of an AILF.
Examples of an "AILF":
The chick Steve Guttenberg does (in an alien sort of way) in "Cocoon".
Natasha Henstridge is "Species".
"Orion slave girl" (the green chick) in "Star Trek".
by beckynot July 14, 2013
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