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A slimey pit full of perverted 11 year olds that post and fap to pictures of pokemon hentai. Stands for Alt.Games.Nintendo.Pokemon.Hentai. Contains a section to post retarded fan-fics, written by girls (and gay guys in particular) who are rejected by society. The site mod is also a nazi who bans you if you give any negative comment to any picture.

I am intelligent and I now have a life, therefore I am unfit to go on AGNPH.
CripChillinz: *Unknowingly clicks on a picture of a fat, ugly pokemon squeezing jizz out of its butthole.* Oh my god! Nasty!
CripChillinz: *Leaves a comment saying its disgusting*
Next day: "you've been banned because commenting on hentai is easy, but you screwed it up!*"
CripChillinz: Uh... what?

*The ACTUAL reason why I was banned. Wow. Fuck AGNPH.
by CripChillinz April 27, 2009
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Also, it's a site found at
"OMFG AGNPH is teh awesome"
by Lando February 20, 2005
short for a newsgroup named wich in it's big day's was THE place to be for Pokemon hentai. There was a site but it got closed down by Nintendo. Remains of this group still can be found arround the web
"Did you see Charmander go down on Misty in that last AGNPH post? wicked!"
by Killy the Fox April 18, 2004
A collection of creepy pokemon hentai fanatics who specialize in bad lucario hentai stories, non sequiter forum topics, a myriad of pokemon doing immoral things, and a chatroom of ass strikers. Strangely, its debauchery is pretty attractive.
Want some pikachu on pikachu gay action? AGNPH is full of it.
by Yin_the_Absol August 13, 2008
alt gaming nintendo pokemon hentai
We can all thank Lando for posting the url here to AGNPH which lead to the humilation and bandwidth overload from SA's site.
by Chris J Pisarczyk April 14, 2005

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