A character who only exists on the internet. He lurks from time to time but will intervene when necessary. He is the most alpha of them all, in fact, Zeus himself would be quite jealous.
Yo man, I saw aft yesterday and he glared back at me acknowledging my presence.. what a day it was. I have the exact date and time of when it occurred tattooed on my chest (no homo). I hope I will one day live to tell my grandchildren of my experience.
by aftman December 31, 2010
n. a shortened version of "afternoon"

mostly used while IM-ing and too lazy to type out all nine letters of "afternoon"
"hey, wanna meet up tomorrow aft?"

"yea i saw cassie yesterday aft... it was fun ;)"
by concavity January 11, 2010
Acronym for "Away From TouchScreen".
Rhonda's Status Message: AFT
Alvin: Psh, yeah right! You're practically glued to your iTouch.
by Stef0 June 23, 2010
The alternitive to "ass"
Kiss my aft!

by Skywarn September 20, 2009
Away From Twitter
@THE_REAL_SHAQ AFT 'til tomorrow
by Leizar June 05, 2009

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