An acronym used by many as a substitute for the phrase "away from phone."
Person A text messages Person B.

Person A: "Hey, can I call you about something?"

Person B: "No, sorry, I'm gonna be AFP for a while. I'll call you once I'm back."
by Boogiepop November 25, 2005
- Away From Phone. Often the direct cause of phone tag.
afp tim
by awdawdssss December 28, 2010
"Away From Play(station)"

AFP is an acronym to say to your friend that you will be right back in few moments.
Player 1 : AFP for 5 minuts, my little sister has vomited
Player 2 : You could only say AFP...
by Wetie April 12, 2011
Aint Freaking Paying
You can put that parking ticket on the AFP plan.
by rancherND February 03, 2010
TLA meaning "A Fucking Picture"
"Sure Rodney, but you forgot to tell us how big it was...

With AFP"
by 0BS0L33T June 10, 2009
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