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Any Fucking Day Now, i.e. hurry up
While waiting in line behind someone at an ATM who doesn't know what they are doing and is holding everyone up who does, mutter to yourself AFDN.
by chazmaster August 31, 2009
Pronounced 'Afden', this is a necessary 'workplace friendly' acronym for the term 'ass-faced-dick-nose'. This acronym also bears punerific humour in it's similarity in sound to 'Afton', which is a region of St Louis highly populated by immigrant Bosnians, most of which have faces that look like an ass, neatly adorned with a dick-like nose. The acronym was created in response to an increasingly 'professional' work environment, in which the term 'ass-faced-dick-nose' seemed to become 'unpopular' with the higher ups.
'Hey, that person is a complete afdn. I wonder if she's Bosnian?"
by The Little Lebowski June 06, 2005
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