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All Day Wank.
Such as a gent with nothing better to do might indulge in on a Sunday - taking one's time, repeatedly approaching climax and then backing away from the brink in order to prolong the fun. Throughout the duration of an ADW it is not unknown for the ADWer to absorb as many as 17 hours of video porn, or anything up to 12,000 images in one sitting, punctuated only by brief breaks for sustenance.
by Alfalfa 69 June 03, 2009
angry divorced woman
Typically starts with divorce, spends a few months at MILF, them moves to jumpoff, stays for a while at ADW, and ends up at crazy cat lady.
by allurbaserbelongtome November 01, 2012
Afternoon Drunk Wednesday

It's the middle of the week. Why not? Generally, intended for celebration of itself, but exceptions are always fine.
Did you see that guy ADW on Wednesday?!?
by dameyawn February 02, 2011
All Dope Writers
Australian east coast graffiti syndicate, vandalising trains and walls prodominately in Brisbane. made up of two cliques north and west it was established in 1997.
All Def... See that ADW running in traffic yesterday , sick.
by Peter Def June 16, 2011
All Day Wank
My hand is so knackered from an ADW
by The Lump June 23, 2004

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