Attention Deficit.....OOOOHHH Shiny. One of the more serious forms of ADHD. Where one cannot even make it through their own diagnosis.
I was at my doctor today and he diagnosed me with ADOS.
Attention Deficit------ OOOHHHHH Shiny (as he points to something shiny that catches his attention)
by Overstreet March 13, 2012
Attention Deficiet Oh Shiny
He has ADOS or attention deficet, oh shinny!
by chicken joe 20 January 03, 2010
Short for 'adolescent', another easy way to say 'teen' that is flourishing in southern Ontario
"An ado might say to their parents, 'I am so tired of your stupid rules'"
by Triuneword October 17, 2008
A evil hacker who all hate and whom everyone believes to be back, although knowing adam and donna, Ado will never get another account
Ado was here.
by Will February 07, 2004
Annoying, pathetic, wannabe
Ado hacked my mom? Ha! Now that's funny
by Mike September 17, 2003

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