All Da Man

Originated from a gang of young thugs who live life on the edge. There are few gang members but everybody knows not to mess with ADM as there are impregnable.
Mandem No.1 - Hold tight adm

Mandem No.2 - Dun'knoo
by ADM2011 April 03, 2011
Top Definition
Acronym for, Aye Dios Mios. Same meaning as OMG; popular among chicas.
Carmen: Juan Carlos stole Big Red Gum at Te-Amo.

Ashley: ADM!
by Kim to the T. October 31, 2005
aye dios mio,oh my god in spanish
adm that guy is cute!
by poppy_raven January 01, 2008
Like OMG (Oh My God), ADM is the Spanish equivalent meaning "Ay Dios Mio."
Person 1: Hey, are you ready for your Spanish exam today?
Person 2: .....ADM *facepalm*
Person 1: Jajajajaja
by PetiteRed June 18, 2009
interjection, abbreviation -- Ay Dios Mio! OMG! (Oh My God) en espanol.
ADM! thats was so awesome!
by rachel March 28, 2005
aye dios mio or oh my god
EX: adm ! u smell like shit
EX:adm! dang ur stoopid
EX: adm !
by omgeep June 09, 2009
attention dephasite (mild)

It's usually referred to as MAD and paired up with autophobic, the fear of being alone. It means their fear of being rejected is extreme and they hate being insulted. It is a real but rare disorder. You should be a little careful around these people.
That poor little girl is an ADM autophobic, look scared she is.
by socialanxietybitch July 22, 2014
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