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Exclamation made when you find that a puppy has ripped up your lino and shat on the floorboards.
"oh fuckin' Adderley! not again! you little bastard!"
by Homer Jay January 28, 2004
A jizz receptacle. Similar in size and shape to a wizards sleeve. Smells a bit like Grimsby when the boat comes in.
"pass the Adderley old chap! I do appear to be cumming again"
by JimBob March 24, 2004
a smear of fluid on a sofa that can't be removed. Often bodily eminations.
"quick get a tissue and some 1001! there's an adderley on the cushion!"
by Tony Ling January 28, 2004
One who can do balloon- modelling with the inside of one's throat. A massive asset at childrens parties and in the bedroom. Usually Kingstanding females possess this talent, but it has been known for more men to be born with this amazing gene.
"look, another Adderley! Mummy's made a little balloon doggy. Isn't Mummy clever!!"
by JimBob January 29, 2004
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