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As dope as possible
"I hang around architects mostly," he said. "People that wanna make things as dope as possible ADAP." -Kanye West
by wworks December 06, 2013
1. Noun. Pronounced Ay-Dap. An acronym for "As Drunk As Possible".

2. Verb. The act of getting as drunk as possible. (ADAPed. ADAPing.)
Please come over tonight if I like you. As part of a celebration ritual, we are probably going to be blasting melodic audio in my living room and getting ADAP.

Dude, we ADAPed last night and I woke up naked and sticky at the local dog pound with an empty jar of peanut butter in my hand.
by Deejay E.J. Shmeejay March 13, 2010
stands for "as dank as possible." Possesing ideal qualities.
"Dude, that shit wasn't just dank, it was adap."
by mc February 17, 2005
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