ACS or American Clan Syndrome, was first documented in the Soldat ( community by someone who goes by the name of flab. The symptoms are unloyalty to anything, and wanting to change clanmates and clans itself every month. Because of ACS, American clans rarely last more than a month at best.
The american soldat community
by Hektik Sniper July 11, 2004
Anti Cheat Squad
a clan/squad/team from an online multiplayer game A.R.C.
"yo I'm so l33t because I'm in aCs!
by DJBLAZE May 13, 2003
AC schnitzer... best aftermarket company EVAR!!!
by jimbob February 15, 2003
a class where you can humiliate your self by choosing random topics and speaking about them infront of your peers.
I have ACS with Laura and the Mormons!
by Mormon March 08, 2005

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