Advanced Competitive Science. A class used to fundraise money ergo the teacher eats the money and calls the students sheep and boneheads. It consistes of making crap out of legos and then having it taken apart by the teacher because it's not fucking crossbraced right.
Stop being a pervert in ACS.
by nato couto mario April 17, 2007
Top Definition
Ancient Chinese Secret, Information that is confidential.
When asked for the for the secret formula, I replied "ACS"
by McBain February 07, 2002
Ass Crack Sweat...caused by so much physical exertion that the sweat runs into the crack of you ass causing the cheeks to slide against one another.
Dude, it was so hot outside today I had some ACS brewin.
by Bigdaddy_J August 16, 2007
After Concert Shock
When you get that really high pitched ring in your ears after a concert or listening to your iPod on full blast
Fan 1: "How was AC/DC last night?"
Fan 2: "What? I can't here you I got ACS!"
by headbanger1992 May 29, 2009
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