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1) Electrical reference to a type of current. AC is Alternating Current, the type found in most houses. DC is Direct Current, the type one gets from a battery.
2) An excellent Australian band originally fronted by Bon Scott until he puked to death from drinking too much alcohol and replaced by Brian Johnson who ironically took the band to higher levels of success
3) A guy who swings both ways sexually. A bisexual. A guy who would turn to any page in a phone book, point randomly to a name, call it and fuck it if it agreed.
1) Max: "Can I touch this wire?"
Scott: "Sure, if you want to get a 20 Amp AC death shock...in fact...go ahead guy."

2) Max: "Have you heard of the band AC/DC dude?"
Scott: "Bonesmoker, unless you were just discovered hanging from a tree in the deep Brazilian rainforest you have heard of this awesome band. You have a large green leaf stuck in you shorts dwanker."

3) Max: "Why the fuck is Jason holding hands with that guy, I just saw him face-fucking Liz last night!?"

Scott: "He is AC/DC dude, he likes weiners and pie!"
by psiscott April 10, 2006
Their genre isn't fuckin disputed. they're the epitome of hard rock. they're definitely not punk (they don't even like punk), and they're not metal. it's mainly the media that calls them that
"AC/DC kicks ass, but they ain't fuckin metal"
by cream of sumyungay September 15, 2005
A hard-rock band from the 1970s. Subject of many rumors related to Satanism, partly because of their song titles (e.g., Highway to Hell) and partly because of their name (wrongly believed to stand for "AntiChrist, Devil's Child").
Actually, I've heard that AC/DC took the name from a label on one member's vacuum cleaner.
by Ingeborg S. Nordén May 23, 2006
AC/DC...how the hell can u describe a band that is so great..there just aint words for it..there the only band that can rock this 14 yr old to the bone, lets put it this way they are one of the most influencial bands i have ever heard, iv growen up with them and i ure as hell will die with them
my fav ac/dc songs..if u dint no them u ougta be ashamed of urself
*high way to hell
*giving the dog a bone
*shes go the jack
*sin city
*the razors edge
...i could go on for ever but that just wouldnt be normal
by phoebe91 September 16, 2005
1.Austrailian rock band that was formed in the 1970's and is considered to be one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Albums include, the Highway to Hell, The Razor's Edge, High Voltage, and the #6 bestselling album of all time, Back in Black.
2.Alternating Current/Direct Current, see electricity.
1.I love listening to AC/DC.
2.Our house uses AC while our generator creates DC.
by Sancho2523 March 09, 2006
An overrated trashy band from the land down under. They deserve nothing and should be shot in the head, roughly four times a day. They are most commonly listened to when people are killing themselves. Not because of the "rock anthems" but because killing yourself is usually the first thing that you think about when the horrific sound touches your ear.
"Hey did you know that ac/dc sucks?"
"Yeah man they suck... a fucking lot."
by Hairypoop August 11, 2007
Greatest band ever, had the second best selling album in the 80's (Back in Black) which is also the 3rd best selling album of all time. Lost the greatest lead singer ever on February 19, 1980 (Ronald Belford "Bon" Scott).
posers are retarded, don't wear an AC/DC shirt with a song or album name on it if u've never heard that song or u can't name a song on that album
by Justin Burnell April 15, 2006