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The metalcore band August Burns Red
Dude did you see that Zhem101 guy on Call of Duty with xABR in his clan tag?

Yeah he was a BEAST.
by Ren Rodriguez December 20, 2008
38 17
ABR slang meaning already been rolled. a reference to a marijuana cigarette. Phrase first used in ridgefield park nj by Rex Cars AKA minister of metal in approximately 1972
On the way to the Greatful Dead concert my pocket was filled with a fat ABR
by doug mcclain December 13, 2007
15 18
'Already Been Rolled', In reference to a blunt. From N.O.R.E
Already Been Rolled
by Diego August 28, 2003
14 17
AssholeBeyondRepair. these people , turn their backs against their friends. they show off and they will do anything to get noticed. one minit, they are besties with you, the next they completly ignore you or they go off and steal your other friends. they will be your friend hanging out on weekends, but in school or w/e they will COMPLETLY IGNORE YOU!
"Anne is such an abr, all she does is gossip and take my friends"!
by markerbabe May 01, 2009
5 17
a asian gang fooo. known as asian boyz repersenterz known to be claimin areas known az lacrescenta.........abr is a short word for sayin asian boyz repersesenterz
abr is a asian pride gang
by AZN November 22, 2003
14 73