People who put triple As' in there name are obviously - Hot/sexy/seductive/sexual
Omg! its Lisaaa, she is so sexy
by NumberA April 25, 2008
Expression of delight
Aaa, gimme some more of dat gud stuff!!
by Hercolena Oliver September 07, 2009
The smallest breasts possible.
Similarily; double AA batteries are small. Triple AAA batteries are smaller. Do yourself a favor and go buy your wifey some D batteries.
by Brian February 14, 2005
atlantic avenue avengers; a gang that kicks the shit out of wsw, west shore warriors, and runs the coastal side of town
1: that avenger just kicked the shit out of that warrior
2: yeah i know those warriors suck at fighting and cant do shit against AAA
by freecandy November 10, 2008
American Apple Association A.K.A The Apple Club, consisting of the most badass mo'fugs around.
Apple Pie (AAA): SCAPE!!!!!!!
Goyal Gala loves doing the bucking bronco
by Sam Allen March 11, 2007
Triple AAA

Asshole = religious men, and misogynic god male ego superiority believer, also Arrogant male who act hard &, and carry other unwelcome features like “we always right“. Exp: OJ-S verdict cheerier, pedo popo, ma son, and free ma son.

Ass = Non-religious male who think male, and female are equal, love women, lick women ass. Exp: Real Porn Stars, Geniuses, Real Street Guys, free minded male.

Asses = like women but don’t know why they get better use of them when they treat them bad. Exp: Often they are Tartuffe, Confuse male, Players.

Tripple: horse's gait: a horse's gait in which the horse moves its two left legs together and then its two right legs together
Tell me which one of the tripple AAA do you like in a man.
by 411a444 December 29, 2011
American Automobile Association
a company suppling auto insurance, discounts, road side assistance, and many other things for American drivers
<son>My car battery just died !
<dad>Thats okay i'll call Triple A and they'll jump it for you.
<son>You rock dad!
by pup March 02, 2005
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