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A mark (result) in Dance Dance Revolution in which you achieve all perfect steps.
OMG did you see that guy? He got AAA while playing Afronova on heavy!
by xc.a.n.d.ix August 03, 2006
Attack All Around or トリプルエー (Toripuru ē, literally Triple A) are a Japanese 7-man pop band comprising of Nishijima Takahiro, Urata Naoya, Hidaka Mitsuhiro, Atae Shinjiro, Shuta Sueyoshi, Uno Misako and Ito Chiaki. They made their debut in late 2005, and the members have all appeared in Japanese TV Dramas, movies and commercials. They also appeared at Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland in 2007.
Breakdown by AAA: A great song by them, youtube it!
by jaitzma July 13, 2011
the highest and most awesomest score you can get on DDR. very difficult to get on the harder levels, you have to make all perfects for every single beat in order to get a AAA.
i playes DDR alllll day and finally got a AAA on breakdown heavy mode!
by sananab April 29, 2005
Against All Authority. A punk band. Also a word to describe anarchists and rebels.
Man i just picked up the new AAA cd.

Ya man authority sucks. Lets go get high or something.
by Anarchy101 May 14, 2005
The highest score possiable in Dance Dance Revolution. It is acomplished by getting all perfects on a song.
woah dude u got a AAA on Max 300 on heavy
by Kevin Kane February 24, 2005
Always An Alcoholic
She was AAA.
by yko! January 25, 2012
Against All Authority
"Out of control and you've shivered my timbers, i'm all fucked up the moon's just a sliver yea silence is golden but duct tape is silver" ... or so the melodic harmonies of AAA says.
by prelude May 03, 2008