the name for a town called Athabasca in Alberta Canada.
Hey lets go to Atown
by Atowner February 16, 2005
Apex, North Carolina. (f'sho)
Peace up, A Town Down.
by maxm October 08, 2006
A Town refers to the second most populated city in Illinois.... Aurora, Illinois
"Where you from?"
"I'm from A Town!"
by DRod November 28, 2006
the city of adelaide in south australia.adeladie was given the name by the scene/emo kids that are there constantly
person a- where are you from
person b- a town
by x_.katie._x September 11, 2006
altamonte springs fl
i live in a town bitch
by ur_mom June 19, 2006
fucking awesome bitch who leads on men to break their hearts and drinks like a beast. simply put of course.
Amanda's an a-town, because she drinks like a fucking man and breaks french kids hearts.
by dine white February 24, 2005
Slang term for Akron, Ohio, the hometown of Lebron James.
A town is just south of Cleveland.
by Zuke June 19, 2006

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