Quite a large amount; usually distance or time related; also related to effort
It's a bitch and a half to get from Sydney to Melbourne by bus.
by Arthur McGiggle February 14, 2004
1. A female dog that is pregnant with another female dog. The dog being the bitch and her unborn offspring being the half.
2. Someone who is giving you a hard time and won't let up.
Man! That teacher was a bitch and a half! He wouldn't even let me finish my cigarette.
by mrsmegnolia May 15, 2006
When a girl or woman is being bitchier or back-stabbing more than usual.
"your a bitch and a half you are!!!"

"fuck you, you ass licking, pussy fucker, hore"
by Jade Ives July 25, 2005
A large woman who also happens to be a total bitch.
I was in the donut section and got my chocolate eclair swiped by a bitch and a half.
by clintaholic July 19, 2005
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