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Permission granted by one's girlfriend to enter the chocolate factory
Sammy: Nick, I'm giving you A Golden Ticket
Nick: Schwing Schwing!
by Samick Downunder August 07, 2005
When you take a shit and discover that you do not have to wipe. Pretty much the best feeling ever especially when there is no paper.
Dude I was out of toilet paper but I had a golden ticket so I got out lucky.
by mr jew da man November 02, 2010
When a female gets with a male that uses (Trojan) 'Magnums'. She receives "A Golden Ticket". Magnums are wrapped in a golden wrapper.
Shelly: "How was your date with Doug?"
Natalia: "It was awesome, I got a golden ticket!"
Shelly: "You lucky Bitch!"
by Bluemelody84 May 21, 2008
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