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An alternative spelling of the name "Adam", this is appropriately used when a given Adam is dumb.
"Adam is reeeeally dumb dude."
"I guess that's why his name is aDUMB."
by hashtagwyattspam April 10, 2013
The act of using "dumb" as a noun. It is slang.
Nick Guinn is a dumb.
by Shabiqua Jones October 11, 2006
A sexual position in which a idiotic male thrusts upon other male saying things such as "Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas" The "Snow" is then deposited in the anus.
Hey Jerry you really went Adumb on my ass last night.
by DingusMcGee August 09, 2012
Someone who is dumb.
See idiot and moron
1: "Look at Lloyd. What a dumb."
2: "Quit acting like a dumb!"
3: "You're such a dumb."
by CockteaseCaitlin July 20, 2004
a guy who thinks he is the s*** and always love to stand up and make himself look like a complete and total idiot. an adumb will take any girl screw em, dump em, and move to the next. he's always the best "bad A" there can be. only speaks his mind when he's being attacked and he will think that he made the best comeback ever even when its the stupidest. people all laughing at him not with him
by Jake "BAD A" S. January 10, 2009
a person that does something so stupid and lacking all conciousness. Completely devoid of common sense on all levels.
Example 1: "Dude, the kid that had a Slippery Donut was such a dumb."

Example 2:"Reading ahead in schaml's class then telling him you did it and getting kicked out for three days is such a dumb."
by Mr. Fields May 05, 2005

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