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Something only attainable by most folk if something is given in return; say a blowjob.
Chrissy; Hey look, I got a A+ on my math test!

James; Sure you did
by *Dee* February 27, 2006
The highest school grade ever. There are 2 reasons people hate people with A+'s:

1. They're kinda jealous.
2. The people who get them are despised because instead of partying and drinking beer until they couldn't see straight lines or breathe anymore, they spent nights studying for that final exam so they won't get SWORDED! by their parents.
I got an A+, then when some punk saw me with that, he tried to shoot me, but only shot cars behind me causing their alarms to go off.
by dj gs68 July 12, 2003
A grade I will never get in school.
You didn't get an A+ on your paper, you got a F.
by Jamal July 26, 2002
"a plus", short for "a plus tard", that is "see you later".
Used to end an informal email, or a chat
Equivalent to "C U"
"Want a coffee ? " / "Nope, I'm in a meeting" / "OK A+"
by T2K September 29, 2005
Refering to something awesome, great, sweet, neato, 'ace' or 'off the hook', if you will. An expression to be used when describing something positive, and usually accompanied by a cheezy high-five.
"Man, this revamped treehouse is so A+!"
by C. Free May 27, 2007
The highest possible grade. You usually have to work hard to get one. Colleges like Harvard like students who get this grade.
HyunJungKim: I got the A+ because I studied 5 hours
Jerome : Good for you. I forgot to study and I got the D.
by yah bruh January 26, 2015
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