acronym for awkward silence
"Oh my god I'm like sooooo wasted" -annoying drunk girl
silence cause no one cares

by Someone3094 November 10, 2008
Shorthand for Asperger(s) Syndrome- an autistic spectrum disorder. Can be used in both scenenarios. Acronym of NT
Are you NT or do you have AS.

She's got an AS disorder
by Soma. November 01, 2005
An acronym for Awkward Social Situation.
"I just sneezed in front of a whole bunch of people, and I sprayed snot everywhere!"

"Now thats an A.S.S."
by DJ Silly Hat November 09, 2007
to explain something being extremely... (something; hard, fit, long, mashed, pissed) as. missing out the end of the sentence, leaving a gap for imagination.
man that boy is fit as...
by pernille July 25, 2005
Acronym, meaning: Always Stay Strapped. A way of living. A great way of living.
Bro, I was out in the woods and a fucking bear came up on me.

Oh Shit! What did you do?

I shot that mother fucker bro.

Damn dude, good thing you A.S.S.
by sanfred July 05, 2011
Akward Speed Syndrome.

The friend in your group that walks ahead or behind the groups pace of walking. There is a standard pace set for the group who is walking but one of the people in the group does not agree with that pace and therefore either walks ahead or behind of said pace.
Me: "Why is he walking so far ahead of us?"
Other displeased group member: "He's an A.S.S"
by The Rack November 14, 2010
asian sensation supporter
by tIFF March 01, 2003

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