A person, usually male who seeks the tender company of underage baboons ofering them sweet-nothingswhispered in their little primate ears for a red assed romp in the jungle.
ME: hey lets go into the forest and see if we can't pull a few baboons to party with. Think Jed will want to go?
AUSTIN: Of course he would, only he'd wait for us to get a few ho's drunk, then go for the minors...
AUSTIN: YES! That fools a baboonaphile. To me thats just sick.
ME: Fuck him then. Hey, you got any bannanas or should we stop by Safeway?
by brainlips February 14, 2006
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One who molests Baboons
Once caught in a sexual act with a baboon, the culprit is placed on a Sex offenders record as a Baboonaphile...
by Monkey basket June 09, 2003
A man who prefers his women to have difficulty shaving and a enough body hair to grab ahold of.
by Anonymous July 11, 2003
a male who enjoys sex with obese or ugly female partners
A baboonaphile is often a person who possesses like symptoms found in drunken men; formerly called "beer goggles"
by nathaniel eidson March 18, 2006
One who molests baboons or any person resembling or smelling like a baboon.
Emily is a baboonaphile because she molested Phoebe, who is a baboon.
by thejewishone April 09, 2006

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