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the sudden need to exclaim loudly the words poodle ballin, pullin the blinds, skunkin, and have terrets episodes while rapping in a yellow vw bug!
other symptoms include yelling racist comments, bitch, ho, fuck-balls, bigga please, and sudden cramps drowsiness, and the shits
Stasia: hello there Chelsey, how are you this evening?
Chelsey: what up you whip crackin twinkie?
Stasia: are you feeling okay Chelsey, you look tired?
Chelsey: bigga please!! after a night full of poodle ballin, and watchin the peeps get skunked while doin a keg stand, i had to turn down an offer to have my blinds pulled, so shit yeah im tired! Fuck-balls, suck my left nut!
Stasia: sounds like A Case of the Biggs
Chelsey: hey you can kiss my black ass, where the hell is Chives we gotta roll out like Luda
by The VHP's May 29, 2008

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