a lovely girl, sweet and thoughtful.
that girl's so sweet, she's such a stasia.
by advadv February 12, 2010
A hilariously irreverant female with a contagious personality and high spirits. She is known for having "junk in the trunk" and lives in the moment. Stasia's are also usually type 1 diabetics.
"That girl has a nice butt!"

"Yea, she's a total Stasia!"
by TBing March 22, 2010
One who has younger friends
Nancy: All my friends are younger than me
Sid: You're pullin' a Stasia
by Followme123 February 07, 2010
The one and only greatest girlfriend in the world. Stasia is a person who is always there for anyone that's in need of anything. Stasia is by far beyond perfection and her big heart is only parralled by her gorgeous dimpled smile and her stunning beauty.
"My girlfriend is honestly the best, man."
"Yea, she's a total Stasia for sure!"
by Antzz31 December 30, 2012
n:(stay-sha) A person who tends to lie out of control.

also see "pathological liar".
"dude I beat a hollowed out lambo on the highway yesterday and then chilled with him after"

response: "Shut up no you didn't stasia."
by ShoreWhore09 June 07, 2009
Thought her name was on here but it wasn't
She's lookin at the computer right now, yeah that's right, the loser Stasia
by twhite October 13, 2004

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